Welcome to the Resources section of our web site. Here you will find tutorials, resources, links, and books for operating systems, games, and programming, for developers, both hobbyist and the seasoned professional.

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BrokenThorn Books

BrokenThorn Books

We are proud to announce our Books section, hand picked to insure of their quality, by our members and staff. All of these books are offered in association with one of the largest and most reputable online retailer at

Programming and Programming Languages

Programming Languages

Here you will find articles and resources on different types of programming languages. If you are new to programming, or would like to brush up on programming languages, this section is for you.


The powerful DirectX SDK is an API developed by Microsoft that allows developers direct access to computer hardware under Windows. DirectX includes DirectInput, DirectSound, DirectMusic, DirectDraw, Direct3D and DirectPlay.


Articles and resources on the powerful OpenGL API.

General Programming

General programming articles, resources, and tutorials, that do not fit anywhere else.

Software Engineering

Design Patterns, UML, OOP, code design.

Operating Systems Development

OS Development Series

Our series developed exclusivly by us. This series provides a basic step by step, and very detailed guide to developing a small 32 bit operating system. It is written specifically for beginner programmers to systems development.