Official Chat Center

Welcome to the official chatroom of BrokenThorn Entertainment. This chatroom can also be accessed through #osdev on the QuakeNet Network using your favorite IRC client (i.e. mIRC or ircii).

This channel is available as an additional resource for members and guests to share and help each other, and hold discussions. This channel is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. By default, all users will be logged in as a guest. All users may change their names once they are logged in. Please read the rules before going into the chatroom.

If there are any questions, or problems with the chatroom, please let us know.

Chat Rules

In order to keep this a nice place to visit, we require all users of the chatroom to follow a couple of simple rules.
  1. No drug or sex related topics please. Try to keep it family friendly.
  2. Racism is not tolerated, even if in a jokingly manner, and even if you are insulting your own race.
  3. Respect should be shown to your fellow channel mates. As such, avoid insulting their family members.
  4. Do not use obtrusive scripts/bots in the channel.
  5. Please no flooding/spamming of the channel.
  6. If you need to paste more than a couple of lines of code, please use a paste site. For instance
We reserve all rights relating to the enforcement of our policy.