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Tutorial 18: Paging and Virtual Memory (Take 2!)

Posted: Sat Nov 01, 2008 11:47 pm
by Mike
Hey everyone,

Tutorial 18 should be up within the next couple of days. It is basically a re-amp of the previous Tutorial 17 where it covers paging and virtual memory management.

While the previous tutorial 17 was more assembly language-centric, this tutorial will be more C-centric and focus more on the demo development and how paging and virtual memory work and the importance it plays in multitasking operating systems...

There will also be some added paging code to the bootloader to load the kernel to 3GB within the current address space.

Tutorial 19 I am thinking of going into device driver programming: Keyboard programming. With a way to both get input and output we may also build a minimal command line interface here as well ;) This would also give an introduction to device drivers: types, design, interfaces, microcontrollers, etc.

Alot of fun stuff coming up... :D

Posted: Mon Nov 03, 2008 12:19 am
by Mike
Tutorial 18 has been uploaded.

I do not plan on releasing the demo until a small bug fix in the exception handling is fixed. Hopefully within the next few days :)