help required urgently

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help required urgently

Post by digvijay » Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:04 am

i have created a virtual floppy with letter 'A' and formatted it from vfd control panel.

my asm file is boot1.asm and it is as follows
org 0x7c00
bits 16



times 510 - ($-$$) db 0

dw 0xAA55
now i have used nasm to make it a .bin file as follows

c:\nasm>nasm -f bin boot1.asm -o boot1.bin

now when i use partcopy from my nasm directory using the following command
c:\nasm>partcopy boot1.bin 0 200 A

it creates a file nammed 'A' in my nasm directory

after that I start bochs from my bochs directory and make the following bochsrc.txt file

romimage: file=BIOS-bochs-latest, address=0xe0000
vgaromimage: file=VGABIOS-lgpl-latest

floppya: 1_44=b:, status=inserted

log: OSDev.log
error: action=report
info: action=report

my BIOS-bochs-latest file is 128kb so the address given is 0xe0000

after looding this .txt file and starting simulation, bochs shows
boot failed:could not read the boot disk

fatal:no bootable device
how do I handle this

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Re: help required urgently

Post by bassman7689 » Wed Aug 31, 2011 4:09 am

instead of putting 'A' in your part copy command you need to use this command.

Code: Select all

partcopy Boot1.bin 0 200 -f0
NOTE: This command is only for if you are using vfd for your A drive.

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