OS Dev Series Updates

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OS Dev Series Updates

Post by Mike » Thu Nov 15, 2007 2:55 am

Hello everyone,

I first apologize for the series slowing down a bit. This is a good thing, however, as it gives me more ideas on how to proceed with the series, and make it better. And, we have alot of great ideas on how we plan on advancing the series.

We are currently working on the following:

<ul><li><b>8259A Tutorial Updates</b><ul><li>We plan on providing alot more detail for the 8259A PIC, and how it connects to the system at electronics level in x86 architecture.<ul><li>This also will help us describe the ISA bus architecture, and how port mapping works at electronics level.<li>This will also help us explain how the 8259A component pins work, and how signals are sent through them.
</ul><li>A more through explanation of the four hardware interrupt types, and how they function and work with the PIC.<li>CA0-CA3 pins will be displayed and explained in our electronics level discussion of the PIC, and how both PICs connect and work with each other.</ul>

It may be better to explain the PIC pins by looking at how they actually connect via ISA bus, and how they actually work and communicate with each other. This will be explained in the 8259A Hardware section of the tutorial.

This should be updated by this weekend, and is currently being worked on!

<li><b>Tutorial 13: Kernel: Basic Concepts Part 2</b></li><ul><li>This tutorial was hard to start as we needed to find a way to easily describe kernel design. Instead of just describing kernel designs, I want our readers to understand the "why" and "how". We will continue building on basic kernel concepts, then bring everything together from a design perspective. This will help better understand the basic kernel design patterns.<li>This tutorial has started, and should be up soon.

Tutorial 13 is the glue between the Setting up the complier tutorials, and the first real Kernel tutorial. It also covers the code structure of the MSVC++ tutorial... :)</ul>

If anyone would like anything updated or added to the tutorials, feel free to either PM me, post here, or e-mail me.

(<i>*Jeeze, I got to fix these forums a bit. Any suggestions here at what you would like are appreciated ;) )</i>

Thanks, :D
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Post by Warsome » Sun Nov 18, 2007 5:39 pm

Some help with VGA output in basic text mode would be good while in 16-bit asm.

I know that 0x07 is white on black, but I have been trying to get it to display white on blue. I thought the value would of been 0x17, but I cant get it to work. the screen is still black with white text.

I know it is possible, but im not sure how to do it.

I wanted all errors to display red on black and confirmation messages to display blue on black,
such as press and key to continue and during other
activities, the screen would be white on a blue background.

maybe even get the red error messages to flash, a bit like the old amiga software error.

I still have a working amiga 500 lol. love that OS.

basically show ways of how to customise the code and
how to change the way data is placed into video output or how to change the system call value.

Unix and Linux int 0x80
Windows NT int 0x2e
Mac x86 int 0x81

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